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Who can better understand postpartum struggles than a mother who has experienced them herself? Our peers are well trained and passionate about providing assistance to all mothers and their support teams.

PPSC Peers have been trained to provide emotional support to mothers in our local communities. We provide a safe space and will listen to and understand your struggles, without judgment or shame. We also guarantee complete confidentiality and can quickly assist with finding local care options. 

You can schedule a phone call and talk to one of our Moms at a time that works best for you. It’s amazing how easy and beneficial it is to talk with someone and not really know them. You can unload your emotional and parenting struggles to someone who understands and sympathizes with you. Talking to our trained peers will leave you feeling: 


  • much better

  • not alone

  • self-confident

  • more secure 

  • reassured 

  • that you are a good parent 

  • that you are enough 

  • that you are doing a good job

  • that you are loved 

  • that you are appreciated, etc. 

You can also get our FREE Peer support in any way that works for you: 

No one needs to suffer from Postpartum Depression or any Perinatal Mental Health crisis alone! We are here to support you every step of the way! 

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