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Our service not only supports local families with free essentials but also champions sustainability by reusing baby gear and furniture, reducing waste and landfill trips. Embrace circularity, make a difference.

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SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2024
3:00 PM - 5:0
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160 Armory Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

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Registrations for the Walk For Moms are now open! Join us in breaking the stigma and raising awareness about Maternal Mental Health!

Choosing between a clean diaper for your baby and rent, food, bills or transportation is a choice no parent should have to make, yet it’s a choice many in our community face daily. We believe family essentials should be part of the social safety net, and the Marin Diaper Bank - Family Essentials is an important step in that direction. Postpartum Support Center addresses diaper need in our community by providing free diapers, and basic necessities to parents and children in need.


Marin Diaper Bank provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. Marin Diaper Bank also provides maternity and postpartum necessities to birthing people in need. 

One of the many reasons we need to grow the Diaper Bank - Family Essentials is that it addresses racial and systemic inequities that start as early as infanthood, removing obstacles many families face to childcare and early education. Because a supply of clean diapers and clothes are required to attend most childcare programs, the Marin Diaper Bank increases access to these programs for low-income infants and toddlers, promoting their healthy development and well-being, and significantly increasing caregivers’ ability to work and go to school.


Please use the application below to submit your request to the Marin Diaper Bank. We distribute diapers and family essentials once a month - once your application is approved, we will send you the request form that you will fill out and submit each month you need supplies for. 

Please note that if your application was already approved for 2023, you do not need to submit it again. However, you will need to submit the monthly request form that will be emailed to everyone whose application has been approved. 

*If you are in immediate need of supplies, please let us know and we will try to help as soon as possible. 

*This program serves Marin County residents only. 


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“Low-income mothers who don’t have enough diapers for their babies are more likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety than other mothers, according to new research from Yale University.”

— Psych Central

Marin Diaper Bank provides more than just free diapers - we listen to families' needs and we help them with the support of the community. 

Who is eligible to receive free supplies?
- Only Marin County Residents are eligible to apply for family essentials. We help pregnant people in need and parents/grandparents/legal guardians of children 0-5.  

What free supplies can I apply for? 
- You can apply for diapers, pull-ups, wipes, baby/toddler clothes (0m-5T), formula, bassinets, strollers, swings, changing pads, bath tubs, highchairs, toys, breast pumps, nursing pads, menstrual pads, cooling pads, maternity clothes, baby bottles, etc. Occasionally we have more supplies - it all depends on donations. 

What if I do not need diapers but need other supplies, may I still apply?
- Yes. If there is something else you need and we have it in stock, we will absolutely help you. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
- Please email for any questions you might have. Additionally, you can call or text our Support Line at 415-320-6707.






all sizes



12 M - 5 Y


Volunteer at Monthly Marin Diaper 

Marin Diaper Bank program works to improve baby and family well-being by increasing access to diapers and other basic necessities for families in need.

Diaper need has a physical effect on children and a psychological effect on parents who are unable to provide this basic necessity for their children. If you would like to support our diaper program, please consider volunteering, donating, hosting a diaper drive, or donating supplies.

  • Purchase diapers directly from our Target's list of Needs:  *When you buy diapers from our registry at Target, they do not share your contact details with us. To receive your donation receipt and allow us to express our gratitude, please email us at We appreciate your support and would love to thank you personally.

  • Host a Diaper Drive - You can host a diaper drive at your school, church, company, neighborhood, home, etc. for PPSC. Collect diapers and wipes and raise funds for Marin Diaper Bank. To register your drive or event, please click here

  • Become a Volunteer - This program is entirely run by volunteers, please join us if you are passionate about helping children in need.

  • Donate supplies - You can donate diapers of all sizes, pull ups, baby wipes, baby/toddler clothes (0m-5T) and shoes, formula (Enfamil and Similac), bassinets, strollers, swings, changing pads, bath tubs, highchairs, toys, breast pumps, nursing pads, menstrual pads, cooling pads, maternity clothes, baby bottles, etc. *Only supplies in a very good condition or new items are acceptable


  • Location: Postpartum Support Center, 4162 Redwood Highway, San Rafael, CA 94903

  • Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri (10 am - 2 pm), Wed (4 pm - 8 pm)

  • Note: Please use the Marin Diaper Bank entrance, which is located behind the Chinese restaurant, the third blue door that has a drop-off sign on. Do not leave donations outside, please ring the bell to open the door for you. 

KIND REMINDER: Please donate items that are gently used or in very good condition only—no wear and tear, holes, or stains. We value your support immensely. Thank you for being part of this chain of kindness and assistance.

Your involvement is crucial. For more information or to host a diaper drive, contact Together, we can provide relief and dignity to families in need. Thank you for your compassion and action.

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The gap between the number of diapers a baby needs and the number of diapers the family can afford is called diaper need.


  • Diapers are a significant expense, calculated in major monthly costs along with food and rent. Babies require 6 to 12 diapers per day, and disposable diapers can cost as much as $70-$80 per month, per baby. Plus, wipes can cost an additional $30 or more, per month. 

  • Food stamps and similar programs like WIC don’t cover diapers, but even if they did, it would not help this situation. As Goldblum notes, families who rely on food stamps “don’t have enough money to make it to the end of the month,” which means dipping into the food stamps for diapers would just mean less food.

  • 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need.

  • Diapers are a necessity! Parents will often keep children in wet and soiled disposables for a long time — possibly even rinsing and reusing them. Babies who remain in a soiled diaper too long are exposed to potential health risks, such as yeast and bacterial infections, and severe diaper rash.

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