Postpartum Support Center is focused on providing programs and services that focus on the wellbeing of mothers, fathers and their support teams while promoting awareness and prevention of Perinatal Mental Health Disorders. We provide the following services through our programs:

  • Spreading and promoting awareness of postpartum struggles while working towards the elimination/reduction of stigma, shame, and judgment in the family, workplace, and community;

  • Emotional Support (physical and online peer support groups in both English and Spanish for perinatal population): Provide safe, confidential and shame & judgment-free environment to meet and share stories, experiences, create a network and get information and recourses;

  • Information and Resources and Referrals;

  • Educational/Informative classes / webinars / workshops / orientations / seminars (for expectant parents, for mother’s helpers, for moms with Postpartum Mood Disorders, for companies and corporations, for the general public): Educate parents-to-be on what to expect, how to recognize early signs of postpartum mood disorders, risk factors, coping strategies, what to do about PMDs and how to get help; Assist future parents in creating a strong postpartum support system. Provide educational webinars led by experts on different postpartum topics;

  • Self Screening Tests: PPD, PPA, OCD tests for both mom and dad's information where the test result tells the scale number and probability that she/he might have such a condition. The result also encourages, suggests, recommends and urges a parent to talk to their healthcare professional as PPSC does not provide any diagnosis nor treat medical conditions;

  • Corner for Dads/Partners/Helpers (how they can help and what to do if they experience mental health disorder symptoms);

  • Campaigning and advocating for laws and protections for moms and new families;

  • Hosting and/or promoting different social-friendly events for moms and families.

We do not offer crisis management services. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911. For additional safety information, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

We are always open to discussing any ideas your team has for supporting new parents in the postpartum period. We love to collaborate with volunteers, individuals, hospitals, companies to find a better program for the perinatal population or a team-building activity that works for you! To discuss options, contact us by email at or cal 415-326-3623


Wondering where to turn for help? Doing a self-assessment for depression, anxiety, or OCD can help.


Practical and emotional support are important in protecting against perinatal mental health disorders. Take this survey to see how your social support system measures up.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or are concerned about someone else who may be suicidal, please call the Buckelew Suicide Prevention Hotline: 

For Sonoma County: 1-855-587-6373

For Marin County: 415-499-1100

For Grief Support: 415-499-1195

National Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255



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