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Having a baby is one of the biggest changes a woman can possibly go through. Here, at Postpartum Support Center, we are committed to helping mothers get a good start for themselves and their babies.


The ROSE Program (Reach Out, Stay Strong, Essentials for new mothers), is an evidence-based program that will teach you skills, and provide information and resources that you need to lower the risk of postpartum depression as you navigate your (new) role as a mother.

The ROSE program consists of 5 sessions: 

  • Session A - Introduction and Psychoeducation - 90 minutes

  • Session B - Role Transitions - 90 minutes 

  • Session C - Managing Relationships - 90 minutes

  • Session D - Assertiveness and Goal Setting - 90 minutes

  • Session E (after delivery) - The  Review Session - 60-90 minutes

ROSE is offered once a month.

ROSE is perfect for pregnant women in their second half of pregnancy. ROSE is free for Marin and Sonoma County residents. If you would like to sign up for ROSE but are not a resident of these counties, please contact us.

For more information, please email us at

The ROSE Program - English


Ivana Jagodic Meholick / Certified Peer Support Specialist

Clara Love / Birth Doula and Educator 

Kristen Dudley/ Birth Doula and Educator 

The ROSE Program - Español


Silvia Erica Arabia / MPH, RN

Georgina Torres / Perinatal Social Worker